The Physical and Mental Side Effects of Addiction

Some of the perils of dating a drug addict include health jeopardies. For example, sexual health is seriously damaged in someone who is suffering from drug addiction. This can put a strain on an intimate relationship.

Many relationships are damaged by addiction when a person only participates in intimacy while under the influence. This means that the person associates intimate encounters with the same as being high. This is perilous to the emotional and mental health of you as the partner. This is also bad because the relationship tends to fuel addiction due to this toxic psychology.

Addressing Sexual Abuse When Dating a Drug Addict 

Trauma often contributes to drug addiction. One of the perils of dating a drug addict is a hidden history of sexual abuse in their life. When they are trapped in a cycle of addiction, they may not be able to open up to you about the psychological scars this trauma left. The confusion of past abuse can be unintentionally attributed to aspects of a healthy relationship. In this case, this confusion serves as a trigger that adds toxic factors to your relationship.

When your loved one seeks help for addiction, they will need to address previous trauma. Sexual abuse is a different issue than mental health for many complex reasons. Offer support when this past issue is exposed.

By helping your loved ones feel safe and showing them signs that this relationship is different than abuse, you will be helping them break free of underlying causes of their addictions.

Seeking Addiction and Sexual Health Therapy at Beaches Recovery 

We encourage couples to explore affectionate relationships during fresh sobriety. The perils of dating a drug addict who is going into or coming out of therapy are a bit complex at those times. This person is going to be more vulnerable and confused. It’s best to engage in positive emotional ways with this person now to help them rediscover what this relationship means to them. At Beaches Recovery, we understand that each person is unique with specific issues and challenges facing them. Thus, we offer a wide range of therapies so that those who come to our addiction treatment programs know they will have their needs met. Our therapies include:

At Beaches Recovery, we believe in the power of relationships. Whether with your significant other, your family, or your friends, the power of human connections is the boost of energy you will need to break free of addiction. If you are dating a drug addict and want to help get them on the road to recovery today, contact us at 866.605.0532, or contact us online.