Telehealth programs have been critical in the advancement and delivery of high-quality services in the healthcare industry. Rehab centers agree that it is one of the best ways to care for clients because they can provide services regardless of location. Telemedicine can transform how doctors and physicians offer treatment, reducing the number of deaths caused by drug-related overdose. The Summit Estate Recovery Center delves into more details into how telehealth can save many lives. Contact us today at 800.701.6997 to learn more about our treatment options.  

What Are Telehealth Programs?

If you are looking for rehab treatment services and want flexibility, this treatment program is ideal for you. A virtual platform enables you to meet with your counselor and caregivers via video conferencing. You can see and talk to each other, so the session feels like face-to-face.

Rehabs can also offer virtual group therapy where you connect with your peers. The support from other people experiencing the same struggles can improve your recovery rate.

The program is almost the same as a traditional treatment in a residential rehab center. The main difference is that therapy happens through the internet, allowing you to focus on other important areas of your life. As a result, you will get to benefit from a wide range of rehab services, including:

When to Seek This Treatment Program

These recovery programs can save many lives, especially in rural communities. So, when is it the appropriate time to consider addiction treatment through telemedicine?

If you are looking for a treatment method that can allow you to continue focusing on other vital areas of your life, look no further. Telehealth programs enable the participants to create the right time to attend sessions. Whether you are in school or working, you will benefit from the flexibility.

Some people may battle drug and alcohol addiction because they are ashamed to find treatment. A virtual treatment option is easily accessible, and it may reduce guiltiness. Since you meet your counselors at the comfort of your home, privacy is guaranteed.

Are you in a condition whereby driving or walking is a problem because of disability, injury, or a chronic illness? Virtual recovery programs are ideal for providing you with much-needed treatment. They have more extensive access and can serve you even amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The procedure goes on while you are safe at home.

How to Know If the Program Is Right for You

The best way to know if a program is right for your condition is to understand your substance use disorder. If you cannot visit a professional in-person due to unavoidable reasons, such as the coronavirus restrictions, use a phone consultation for a proper assessment.

Remember, some conditions may need more personalized care in a residential treatment center, especially when you require emergency medical attention due to the withdrawal syndrome.

Some of the withdrawal signs to watch out for during your addiction treatment include:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Severe cravings
  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Depression
  • Goosebumps and sweating

Learn More About Telehealth at Summit Estate

The consequences of substance abuse cannot be overstated. The epidemic has affected the lives of millions in the US and continues to be a significant problem every year. Are you struggling to overcome substance abuse, but you still do not know where to start? At the Summit Estate Recovery Center, our therapists can help you via the telehealth programs if you are unable to come to our clinic for any reason. Contact Summit Estate Recovery Center at 800.701.6997 for a consultation today.

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